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Extreme weather is unexpected weather events that occur world wide.They can include hurricanes, tornadoes,floods,drought and heatwaves.

My country has experienced extreme weather conditions such as floods in the lake region.This has led to destruction of property,lose of lives ,hunger and diseases.Over 10,000 people were displaced and 200 people died

The responses are they should plant trees,reduce gas emissions of vehicles such as electric cars,buses and trains.Use of bicycles for transporting light luggage.

Several barriers are encountered when combating extreme weather, they include :lack of finaces,no laws,lack of government support example what the late professor Mathai went through when she was trying to save the Karura forest in Kenya and Uhuru park where people relax.

The action government should take,include:enforce laws to have cars that produce less emissions,stop importance of old cars and buses,enforce laws to have clean energy example solar.they should plant trees,teach zero grassing.

Because if the government works together with the community the laws will be enforced.

Both global and local responses will be better with support and funding from all the countries in the world.

My Vision for the future generations

I would like the world to plant more trees so as to have many forests as homes for animals, birds,plants, and other species.There to be fresh water sources, for fish and human usage.There will be more rain for the crops and domestic use.There will be less floods and lanslides.

The action is needed now because if it wont be done, there will be no forests for plants that produce medicine that is needed. There wont be tourist attraction like bird watching in Kakamega forest that has over 2000 species of birds.

The air will be fresh for human and animals,there will be less polution.

The world will be a beautiful and better place to live for both animals and human beings.

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