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Hello, i'm loyal_desert and i am here to speak about extreme weather. Where it is , who it affects and what shall we do about it? Firstly,i have to say i am very lucky because i have never experianced real extreme weather, you know the kind that breaks things, changes you life forever or even brings deaths unfortunately. The most extreme weather i've seen is maximum of 27 degrees celcius in america and at home maybe just a small bit of hail. I've heard of extreme weather like the wild fires in Australia and the 2004 boxing day tsunami in India. I could name many more but they were the most tragic ones.

The country who has had exterme the most powerful and most often i have to say is probally the philippienes. In one of the devastating storms at least 150 people got killed by thge weather

I sometimes wonder to myself if all of this is happening is there a way of combatting(prevent/stop) it. This is how i thought we could fix step1. if we can predict and find out regular weather why can't we try harder to predict extereme weather.

step2. find out what the extreme weather is E.G. heat, wind or rain.

step3. if the slightly less wealthy and fortunate country's can't predict the weather themselfs warn them an tell them waht to do to prepare E.G. if its fire or heat get water, fire engines and the people to understand what to do and where to go

step4. get the goverment to agree with the protection plans so they can put money and help into your plan

If we do this we can save peoples lifes and protect our countries and our world. If we do this together we can save the world together.

Thank you for listening


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  • rachelwilliams.JPG EXPERT: Rachel Williams, Lawyer @ Clifford Chance
    25 May 2020

    Interesting read @loyal_desert. I notice you asked "why can't we try harder to predict extreme weather". Can you give any examples of governments or organisations which try to predict extreme weather?

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