Extreme weather and its impact on health in developing countries.

Since I am one of the students who live in developing country, I want to talk about the impact of extreme weather on health in these countries, through several axes aas I experienced it first, only heat waves believe that the temperature in increases in the world significantly and heat waves rise, which increases diseases and deaths caused by heart and respiratory diseases, coma, sunstroke and skin cancer. Second, natural disasters and rainfall fluctuation. There are areas where the rainfall has decreased due to the heat, which led to drought, water scarcity, and reduced food. Third, hurricanes, floods and fires as happens in Yemen and Sudan cause displacement, drawing infrastructure destruction and malnutrition. Forth, the spread of infectious diseases. Developing countries essentially cannot control their diseases because their health system is weak or almost non existent and the extreme climate helps in spreading mosquitoes and flies, which in turn spreads diseases like malaria such as Africa countries and Somalia. Fifthly, animal diseases where the extreme climate leads to the presence of diseases among animals, which can cause human infection as in the Corona virus. Finally I hope to explain my view on how to tackle the extreme weather including limiting the use of cars preparing aplan to confront the dangers, and educating citizens about that danger, For example we as students school's have hit severe heat waves the country and exceeded the forty fifth heat so the government asked students, the elderly and children to sit in homes and not leave them in order to avoid the dangers arising from what are the steps that your country, government takes to face extreme weather and maintain general health of schools as students Tvaalo with us and Aguetrho solutions so.

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