Extreme weather

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Extreme weather is a problem that affects all members of society, which negatively affects our human lives

Regarding the climate in my country, Palestine, the weather is usually mild, but we suffer some kind of fluctuation in it, such as high temperatures, where we went through a severe heat wave in the past week, where the temperature rose a lot, so we committed to our homes and increased the drinking of fluids....... We all know the damages caused by severe weather conditions, so let us contribute to reducing them and working for our unity and cohesion in finding solutions to this problem and not exacerbating the problem, such as moving away from sources that lead to pollution or damaging our nature.

Such as stopping the elimination of forests and plants in general, and is the first air purifier, because it reduces the severity of pollution and helps to stabilize the climatic condition.

And stop burning fossil fuels to produce energy, which causes the release of millions of tons of gases that have had a major impact on the climate, such as carbon dioxide, and these gases have contributed to raising the planet's temperature around 1.5 degrees Celsius, and many different human activities

Which causes the release of many toxic gases, especially greenhouse gases, a marked decrease in agricultural production, desertification and the death of vegetation in many regions.In conclusion, my friends, we can work to make our world better and eliminate the phenomenon of extreme weather by planting more trees and relying on alternative energy and avoiding fossil fuels and its derivatives .. I hope that the presidents will discuss this issue and the ministers because of its negative impact on the economy of all countries, many people They fall victim to this weather

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