Extreme weather


1.The community can organise to evacute the inhabitant from extreme weather.

The community can call for the Nation Diasester Management, fire service and other agency to come to their aid.

2.The central Nesbraska Flooding which happened on May-June 2008. There was multiple rounds of rain.

It was the heaviest rain fall . water covered Highways

3. Coronavirus has brought about self medication. which is as a result of unregular visit to the hospitals,and has expose countries with less healh facilities due to high rate of affected people.

Finance: lot of businesses has collapse and low productivity. Goods are dare and expensive because of no import and expoert in the country. Is really having a bad impart on the individual that is their income are and the country.

Freedom. In order to over come this pandemic our moment has been restricted and things are not in it normal state.

4.The aged has been affected the most

5. Following all precautionary measurers particularly STAYING HOME

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