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Extreme weather includes unexpected,unusual,severe or unseasonal weather.


Extreme weather is the condition that results when the weather at a particular time and place becomes more severe and dangerous with at times uncontrollable and causes damage to people and place of occurance.

Examples of extreme weather are:

1.Floods :is an occassion when a lot of water coversland that is usually dry.

2.Hurricanes:a storm with very strong winds and rain.

3.Heatwaves:is a period of excessively hot weather accompanied with high humidity.

4.Wildfire:an unplanned fire that burns in a natural area such as forest,grassland etc.

5.Tsunami:are series of waves caused by earthquakes or undersea volcanic eruption. AND MANY MORE.


Nations must be allowed to prevent it themselves without force by using ther own methods.Some are:

*Nations can move people from places likely for extreme weather to ccure.

*Nations can borrow money from other countries.

*Nations can also seek help from International Aid Organisations.


*Evacuate people from affected area.

*Sending the army.

*Sending firefighters.

*Individuals in the world,especially celebraties can donate money to help affected people.


The impact on the nation and the world as a whole is great.Some are:

*People can loose their lives.

*Animals can die and even some go extinct.

*Lands get destroyed.

*Farms destroyed leading to suffering of business.

*Economic damage increases and also

*Ecosystem suffers.

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