Exterema heat waves

From the start of my entry into the program and learning about extreme weather and its applications, I came across the word extreme heat waves, so I told myself to introduce you to them.

Extreme heat waves: consist of time periods characterized by an abnormal rise in temperature and the waves vary according to different temperatures and their diversity in geographical regions and accompany moisture, which can be cartesically dry and heat waves are the least other natural phenomena known in the history of extreme weather as they are not Visible and also harmful to many people and crops due to high risk of drought, high temperatures, heat cramps, heat stroke and the resulting expansion. As for dirt, this becomes drier, which is more likely to collapse before rain and wind, which reduces the area of ​​arable land and also finds a significant increase in forest fires, because it is one of the largest and most drought causes due to the outbreak of vegetation.

How do heat waves affect water wealth ?? Heat waves are not only destructive to creatures on Earth, but also with water, as the high heat evaporates water bodies, which leads to shrinking blue areas and thus a lack of food in them and affects livestock as well.

Are there damages to heat waves on plants ?? Yes, there are damages, as the plants shut down the skin of the skin, which is known as pores, while what it does is only a defensive way to preserve the amount of water in it, but on the other hand it reduces the absorption process in the plant, which in turn gets rid of mulching, and we also note the high levels of mulching recently. For high temperature waves and other causes, the severity of which may be reflected in the mortality rate.

Mention an example of the heat waves that have struck the world in recent years? In the summer of 2006 in the United Kingdom, excess pollution caused by heat waves killed 460 people and also the heat wave that struck Europe in 2003 has claimed the lives of 30,000 people as a result of air pressure and air pollution caused by heat waves. There are also many that have greatly destroyed our lives.

Are there other waves ?? Yes, there are cold waves and they are characterized by the weather being cooler and more precisely as used by the weather center in the United States, it is a sharp drop in temperatures within 24 hours, which requires high protection for several activities such as agriculture, industry, economy and social activities. In general, cold waves can occur in any geographical location where It is the result of massive accumulations of cold air, and in turn, it congregates over certain areas due to the movement of air currents

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    19 May 2020

    Remember that when you write a post, we'd always like to hear your opinion about the information. Secondly, please include the source that shows where you got your information from so that other people can investigate and double-check the facts.

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    1. global-conversation.png compelling_wildcat | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      Olivia @ the BNC's comment 19 May 2020

      From my point of view, heat waves must have benefits as well as harm, so I would like a lot to know more information about them, because this is a divine ability to repeat this wave at a certain time of each year until you kill harmful microbes that only the Messenger knows may lead to humans and plants. . I got my info from an app chrom and the angry weather book of German researcher Friedrich Otto, who works at the University of Oxford in the issue of climate change and extreme weather.

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