Emojis: the last defence?

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If the only reason you clicked on this is that you thought I was joking then your wrong. I bet your thinking "what do emojis have to do with extreme weather?" Well if you didn't already know emojis are little faces like this πŸ˜€. But they don't have to be faces they can be animals 🐬, food 🍩, flags πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ and even natural disasters 🌊.

People speak different languages so if you have contacts to people in other countries it can be pretty tricky to understand them, that's were emojis come if you want to warn people of an oncoming disaster you can send an emoji and they should be able to understand for example.

England. China

πŸŒͺ coming. evacuaging now.

your way

You see what I mean people can use emojis as some sort international language that everyone can understand. Although there is no emoji for earthquakes but as soon as apple or whoever makes emojis create one than people can warn each other of disasters meaning that people will know to evacuat.

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