Drought is an expanding phenomenon that is an early age in Earth

Day after day, the area of ​​drought is expanding around the world, and this drought has many causes, including the lack of rain water or the lack of a water source close to the region such as a river or a well, and it has great and dangerous effects facing the ecosystem, which leads to the death of the earth and the expiration of its validity in the sense that the region cannot be used For agriculture or even for housing due to the climatic conditions that pass in the region, the biggest problem is that if you encounter a drought area even for a short period of time it may cause enormous damage and economic and environmental losses to the region. There are statistics that the United States has revealed about drought and found that regions around the world are losing nearly the area of ​​the State of Ukraine every year in relation to agricultural land, which is a very large and dangerous proportion of the agricultural system.

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