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Have you ever wondered what kind of natural disaters are there? Do you know the meaning of them? Well, follow me and we shall find out!


Similar to Tornados or Tyfoons, but much more powerful. It can destroy anything! Scary!


A time where the sun is too storng and all the water dries up, leaving only dried sand or dirt. The ground will have cracks and all the animals and plants die because they don't have enough water.


When one place rains too much, the rain will become flood that can be so powerful that houses will be washed away and people get hurt because a hard object hit them.


When the weather gets too dry, the forest grass will start to burn and then it spreads around the forest. it is hard to put out the fire and can severly damage the forest or anywhere that has been bured by wild fire.

I hope you like my first ever post. Please be free to share your comments or thoughts. Thank you! ;)

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