Climate change versus extreme weather:

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All around the world, the weather is changing, and it is becoming very clear. That is why I have raised the topic of climate change VS extreme weather. This question has struck few answers so far, and I, appreciative_hurricane, am going to answer them.

First of all, in order to decide, you need to know the difference between the climate and the weather.

The weather refers to short term atmospheric conditions whilst the climate is the weather of a specific region averaged over a long period of time. If you didn't understand that, it fundamentally means that weather means the short-term changes and climate refers to long-term changes. Climate change alludes to the many resentful actions done on Earth that affect the climate at large. For example, using diesel and petrol vehicles can contaminate the air, resulting in pollution. Extreme weather is related to natural disasters, and are caused by unprecedented actions, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, landslides, wildfires and cyclones, all of which are a few of the deadly amount of weather disasters.

Now you know the difference between extreme weather and climate change, let us decide whether or not which one of them shall be achieved first.

I, for one, believe that we should first attempt to cease the threatening issues caused by climate change.

My evidence supporting this viewpoint is as following:

1. Climate change began as soon as the early 19th century and has been rising rapidly more and more during the the time from then to now. Weather disasters have been here since—for sure, it was very far back, but- it won’t get worse and worse following our actions. So that means we have time to do it, and so we can end climate change once and for all, before starting upon extreme weather. (You may be wondering what we will do as extreme weather is mostly caused by main events, but maybe, we can invent something that will wane the amount of injuries. Such as an earthquake warning system, which will evacuate all the people within the range of the epicentre or the focus around 10 minutes before it takes place)

2. Another reason is that climate change is probably the largest of our problems as you might be thinking that it is a problem for a polar bear or something. Unfortunately, the climate crisis is real and it’s impacting people around the world today. We’re seeing the effects of a world transformed by rising temperatures and changing climate patterns, and the outlook is about as far from a relaxing seaside escape as it gets. This affects all of us, and the sooner we cast it aside and bring it to a boundary. We need to act now. If no one will believe that it is true, they won’t try to stop it, and that means we are facing a huge threat.

3. My final point is that of the fact climate change poses a huge ultimatum of destruction to something humans need above all else – water. We need it for drinking, of course, but also for growing food. We’re seeing the dire consequences climate change can have on our water supplies right now in many places. Many cities – and the millions of people who call it home – could run out of water soon. While many factors have led to water crises, climate change has undoubtedly made an abominable situation much worse (if that is possible!). We know that increasing global temperatures can lead to droughts, and places like Cape Town has been experiencing record drought for years – getting only about half of its average annual rainfall since 2015. Many cities around the world could face a similar fate. We already know that the largest reservoir in the US – Lake Mead – contained less than half the amount of water in 2015 as it did in 2000.

Overall, I think that climate change is worse than extreme weather and will probably be the motive for cataclysmic events. But what do you think?

Thank you for reading my post, and I hope to see your opinions on it in due course!

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