Climate change and what you can do!

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So I am sure we have all heard of climate change sweeping the globes but what can we actually do to help?

1. Does your family ever have leftovers from the night before? Why not heat them up and have them the next day!

2. My next tip is dont buy in bulk. Companys do so many deals to make you think you are getting more but the truth is your getting to much more. Think about it when are you gonna need 5 egg cartons? The problem here is people buy to much and dont use it in time therefore throwing it away.

3. Next plan your meals, only buy food that you are going to use for a meal dont just hope you will manage to encorporate it in because the chances are you will end up letting it rot and even more food waste will happen.

4.Best before is not when it expires it's when it will taste the best, a commen mistake people make is thinking they cannot eat it after the best before date which is not true.

Thanks for reading and make sure to spread the word to family and friends DONT WASTE IT JUST TASTE IT!

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  • Hammond School logo emotional_night | Hammond Junior School F
    05 Mar 2021

    Thank You for This post empathatic_wildcat this is a very good post to me as I really want to take part in trying to stop Climate Change and it means everything to me. I could give a few ways for you to improve this post even though it is so good if you don't mind me saying them... a) I think that you could give a few other ways to save the world that aren't to do with food waste as that is all you have included. b) Sometimes if you know that you use a lot of some food e.g. eggs in baking it is good to buy in bulk as it's cheaper if 100% certain that you are going to use them all, and finally c) why not give an example of a place where creatures are dyeing off because of climate change? You could do a second version of this post and put some of ideas into it if you like! A great thanks for sending out this post and I hope you do MORE!!! I also head that you were surprised that in WW1 the government lied and said that the enemy was making soap out of ally soldiers and I was too! I know that you won a competition too once, which is amazing!
    With an awesomely awesome thanks from emotional_night xx😃😄😊☺
    p.s. Plz can you check out my profile an take a look at my posts🥺plzzzzz

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