Blowing up a storm


Have you ever heard the name Ike ? Besides being the name of a popular president , Ike is the name of a destructive hurricane that devastated parts of the United States in 2008 . Just ask the people of Galveston , Texas , about Ike . They are no strangers to tropical storms and hurricanes . They know firsthand how strong these storms can be , And many people of Galveston say that Ike was one of the worst .

Galveston is a beautiful island on the Gulf coast of Texas . With 32 miles of beaches , Galvestonis a popular place for people to live . It is great for people who enjoy swimming as well as other water sporta . Fishing and brid watching are also popular activities there .

the water near Galveston are mostly clam , but storms do arise . The sourse of these storms is the tropical areas of the Atlantic Ocean . The storms grow by gathering energy from the warm ocean waters . As the air is warmed , it starts to move in a circular pattern . The wind spirals upward counterclockwise as its speed increases . The winds from a circular pattern around the " eye " of the storm .

The center of a hurricane is called the "eye" . The eye is clam area in the center of the storm . But donť let the eye fool you . The storm that surrounds the eye is extremely violent . Remember , hurricanes can cause termendous damage when they sweep over land .

One of the worst storms to strike Galveston occurred on September 8,1900.

This hurricane produced heavy rains and flooding . The wind swirled at speeds of over 130 miles per hour ( 209 km/h ). As the storm reached land , its energy caused coastal waters to tear apart homes and buildings . More than 6,000 people lost thier lives . Those who survived called this hurricane The great Storm of 1900 .

Today , the people of Galveston have thier own hurricane horror story .

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