Better late than never. Speech for survival

By Extreme weather or extreme climate events we mean unexpected,strange severe, or unseasonal weather. Along history weather has been going to be more and more extreme. So no wonder the causes are identified as well as the results but not much has been done to face or reduce the impact of this. Often, extreme events are based on a location's recorded weather history and defined as lying in the most unusual ten percent.

In recent years, growing evidence suggests that human-induced global warming is increasing the periodicity and intensity of some extreme weather events.Confidence in the attribution of extreme weather and other events to anthropocentric climate change is highest in changes in frequency or magnitude of extreme heat and cold events with some confidence in increases in heavy precipitation and increases in intensity of droughts.

Extreme weather has significant impacts on human society as well natural ecosystems. For example, global insurer Munich Re estimates that natural disasters cause more than $90 billion global direct loses in 2015. Let me give you now an idea about my country regarding this issue. Am Tunisian and our country is known for its moderate climate of the Mediterranean.

In the last twenty years

We can highlight the urbanisation and expansion that big cities has undergone during the course of these twenty years.It is true economy thrived but more and more pollution caused, with it the air is becoming unhealthy for breathing. Likewise in many big cities in the world. So it's not strange that the planet is reacting. I personally witnessed strong rainfalls that caused floods in my region, killed people and animals , damaged farms and sent people jobless. We are just a sample of what's happening around the world.

Governments have to adapt more effective strategies to prevent and react to these events. A global talk and global decisions must be taken to face this together. We can't face this solely, it's a global matter.

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