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There is absolutely no doubt that flood is one of the natural disasters in connection with the extreme weather conditions but human factor as far as floods are concerned can never be underestimated. The attitudes of most of the people in Africa in particular contribute greatly to flooding in our continent.What have been the major causes of floods in Ghana for instance are humans' attitudes such as having poor drainage system, dumping of waste into waterways, low elevation of settlements and putting up structures and buildings in the waterways. So the change in these attitudes is a major step in curbing floods in our continent. It will rain alright but the rains have no power to cause flooding if we do not prepare the grounds for it through our attitudes. We need to have attitudinal change if we really want to win the fight against flooding.

We should never turn blind eyes on the dangers posed by floods. In 2015 for instance, there was a flood in Ghana which resulted in explosion in a petrol station claiming more than 200 lives. There are many instances where floods have caused great damages to properties, destructions to crops and livestock. So it is high time we planned our towns properly to avoid the attidudes of putting up buildings and structures in the waterways. Proper drainage system should also be created to allow free passage of water. We should adopt the best practices when it comes to dumping of waste. We must desist from the habit of putting the waste materials in the waterways. With the change in our attitudes, floods will really struggle to occur and as we keep up doing what is right at all times, floods will be kicked away from our lives.

Thank you.

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