First, we must undrstand the term "air pollution"


When the environment is made impure, it is said to be polluted. Therefore, air pollution is the state whereby the atmosphere is made impure.


Here are some causes of air pollution.

1. Bush Burning and Cigarette Smoking

The air can be polluted by the smoke from burning vegetation. Cigarette smoking also causes air pollution.

2. Deforestation

Deforestation leads to air pollution. This is so because when the plants are destroyed, nothing will be left to provide oxygen for the air since plants provide us with oxygen and takes carbon dioxide from us. What will be left is only greenhouse gases which are poisonous for the human body and living things in the environment.


Desertification can also cause air pollution. It brings too much dust into the air, leading to air pollution.

4. Harmful gases from factories or waste from industries

The air is often polluted by waste from factories and industries. This is because a lot of waste gases, dust and heat from industries often enter the surrounding atmosphere and pollute the air. An example of such industries is "The factory of Volta Aluminium Company (VALCO) in Tema, Ghana. The waste gases, dust and heat from the industry pollutes the air a lot in Ghana.


Air polution has so many effects. Some are:

1. It causes respiratory diseases

Air pollution can cause respiratory diseases. Such diseases include lung cancer, asthma and tubercolosis. This is so because when air is polluted by the destruction of plants, the air is left with carbon gases which are poisonous to humans. When people inhale the gases, the natural defense system of the respiratory organ breaks down, causing asthma, lung cancer etc.

2.Destruction of the ozone layer

Air pollution leads to the destruction of the ozone layer by the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

3.It causes skin diseases

Another effect of air pollution is that it can causes skin diseases like skin cancer and skin rashes. Actually, this happens when the heavily polluted by chemicals. The chemicalscan cause rain water to become acidic. The acidic rain settles on people's skin and therefore, causes skin diseases.

4.Poor visibility

Normally, dust and smoke in the atmosphere results in poor visibility for everyone in the environment.


Here are some ways to prevent or control air pollution.

1. Banning the use or the importation of old or over-aged cars

Over-aged cars should be banned from using the roads. This is because over-aged cars give out a lot of smoke from their exhaust pipes.

2. We have to control the establishment of industries

We must discourage the building of certain factories near residential areas. This is so because the setting up of such industries near residential areas can cause air pollution

3. There must be a ban on cigarette smoking at public areas

This is so because cigarette smoking brings about air pollution. It is necessary to know that the smoke is dangerous not only to the smoker but also to the people around. Therefore, if there is a ban on cigarette smoking, it will help control air pollution

Now, do you think the effects above are very dangerous?

Share your thoughts. Thanks for your time.


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