Act now for extreme weather

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The meaning of extreme: is exceeding the ordinary,usual,or unexpected.

The meaning of weather is the state of the atmosphere.

Extreme weather happens when the state of the atmosphere exceeds the ordinary,usual,or expected.

My city has experienced the typhoon Mangkut. Buildings and bridges were destroyed, People lost a lot of money. Trees were ripped up and lying on the ground, making it hard for people to go to work, and the government had to spend a lot of money to tidy up the mess. Most people didn’t even go to work.They were the forced to stay at home because transportation was suspended.The glass on the buildings shattered due to the heavy wind and the owners spent a lot of time and money cleaning the broken glass and replacing them with new ones.

It’s best to ask for international aid, provide shelter for people who can’t stay in their homes, and give money to people who can’t work. We can save money to prepare for a future weather disaster, invest in early storm warning systems, and investigate why the event happened to plan ahead or prevent similar consequences from happening. We can also build better flood defences.

Governments should send a leader to coordinate with their people. This would work because if people are in a crisis, they would all be running around in panic, so they would need someone to keep things under control. Governments should focus on reactive actions. Global responses would be better. World leaders could send resources and money to the place with a weather crisis.

I would like the world to look like the time when dinosaurs still roamed around the Earth. Sadly,the chance of this happening is quite low as humans continue to pollute the Earth, and they show no signs of stopping. However, if we take actions now, we may still be able to restore our Earth to the beautiful blue-and-green marble it once was. Let’s act now, before it is too late.

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