Account of 2004 Tsunami


This is what my grandfather had to say about his horrifying experience in the strongest tsunami and earthquake ever recorded on the earth.

" I was doing some fishing near the sea shore because my house is about 0.1 miles away from the beach so it was a suitable place for me to work. Far in the distance, we saw a huge wave. We never expected a tsunami but instead we expected loads of fish so we (all the other fishers) got our rods ready to catch as many fishes possible but as it emerged us, we noticed this was not an ordinary wave. It was a TSUNAMI! All of us, including the shopkeepers fled from the shore as the waves crashed into the sandy shore..."

Now I will change the perspective to my uncle who is my grandfather's youngest son.

" I saw many people running and shouting so I knew what I had to do.... RUN!!!!! I held my mom's hand and led her as fast as I could back home. We got our house but luckily a brick wall was quickly implemented into our road so nothing could get past but then we thought. Doesn't dad need to get through that wall? I ran back out of the house and begged everybody to take it back down. We knew the other side of the street was not closed so we still had hope that Dad would come back. Time was running fast..."

Now I will change the perspective to my grandmother.

“I was calling my son back into the house and I kept reassuring him that nothing would happen to Dad but I knew in my heart that the possibilities were low. Still I had hope. We waited for an hour or so, till we saw a group of fishermen come through our road. But there was not dad. Then we saw one lurking behind struggling to walk. We could not make out who he was because he was battered and covered with mud. When we went closer…”

Now to my other uncle (the older one).

“It was Dad! But we were all shocked he had sand in his ears his clothes were torn apart and he had major scars on his legs, arms and face. It was horrifying to see and my brother and I took him into our room and laid him on the bed. He could not hear well because of all the sand stuck in his ears. He cleaned himself but he still could not do the things he did before the tsunami. Then a crack in the road...”

Back to my grandfather.

“It’s an earthquake but it was no ordinary earthquake, it was huge. Luckily, because we knew this was an earthquake prone area, we had a steel room with food, medical kits and clothes. It was spacious and comfortable with a bed inside. We had a one-sided glass so the other side was steel but we could see what was happening inside.”

Now back to the future to my older uncle.

“It is crazy how I had to go through such a time in my life but I knew that we still are suffering the damages and the scars that it left with us so I think it was one of the world’s worst disasters.”

This was the account of my family’s experience in this tsunami.


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