A speech to World Leaders about Extreme weather and ways we can prevent it

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To whom it may concern ( World Leaders). My name is Resplendent _petal. This is my speech about extreme weather and ways we can prevent it.

Weather is the state of atmosphere at a place and time within certain period, involving heat, rain cloudiness wind etc. As far as this is concern the weather is being determined by God and no body else. Scientists try to interprete weather variation in different places all over the world at times but not always 100% sure. Without weather there would have been a serious problem all over the world for example nice weather determine good harvest for farmers producing our food stuffs for our daily living. Our weather varies according to countries location. In Sierra Leone we only experience two climate conditions 1 hot and 2 cold seasons which we generally refer to the dry and rainy season. In other places all over the world there weather conditions are different from ours. They have winter, fall,summer,spring etc.

Extreme weather is when a weather event is significantly from the average or usual weather pattern. Extreme weather is there for dangerous for mankind. At times there will be no food from the farmers so famine occurs and people perish . Mild weather is preferable than extreme weather mild weather is not cold as usual.

Extreme weather is now one of the biggest threat the world is having now . My country has also experienced extreme weather event before and it was flooding which lead to mudslid which caused the death of so many people . Flood is seen as one of the most dangerous extreme weather in Sierra Leone . The flooding that we have experienced happened in August 14,2016 . Record have it that due to the heavy rain some houses,schools,offices were damaged and destroyed and even the roads and bridges . The mudslide happened in a residential, mountainous area . Some children were left as orphans after the rain.

We need the help of the government , but as a community we can be able to prevent extreme weather for examples: to minimize burning of dirt because the smoke will pollute the air

•To minimize the bad fumes from cars

• Create an area of shade in your garden for in case there is any sort of heat waves

•We should stop the cutting down of trees ( deforestation) because it will cause natural disaster.

• We should reduce the smoke or fumes coming from factories or industrial work places, because the smoke is very dangerous to the earth as well as the air we are breathing.

The government should focused on the total preventive action towards extreme weather and should be taken now. I say this because for all these things to happen ( preventive action) it will take a while because all of the ideas and opinions will have to be put together and other necessary things but that doesn't mean the government should forget or put back what the world is facing these days ( corona virus) .

Such preventive actions are:provide emergency health care .

• Provide shelter to the needy, because if any extreme weather event should take place it will affect and may lead to death .

• Move people away from areas likely to experience extreme weather.

The global responses will be better because all the world leaders will be able to sit together and sharethere different experience , ideas and opinions . Even tbough not all of the countries will be able to adapt to it but at list they can be able to take some ideas and put into practice. The local response will also be better because the country will know it weakness and all, but I prefer the global response as they say two heads are better than one. In conclusion we should all try to do our best to prevent extreme weather and in the future I will like people to keep a clean environment and cause less polution to the air more than how it is right now, and there will be less extreme weather event and our future generation will be safe .

Thank you all for reading my speech.

Resplendent _petal

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