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My Speech

Good morning/ afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, I am generous_flight and I am elated to have this opportunity to speak to you. Although I may still be young, I am well aware of global happenings, such as extreme weather.

Extreme weather is unexpected severe weather. They are weather events that are significantly different from the usual weather pattern. Some examples of extreme weather are hurricanes, floods, and heatwaves. Rising sea levels, warming land and sea temperatures are all contributing to the severity of extreme weather events in a variety of ways. Over the last 40 years, there has been a doubling of extreme weather events that have caused huge loss of life, disrupted billions of lives, and caused staggering economic losses. In September 2018, the most intense storm in Hong Kong’s history caused a record storm surge. Typhoon Mangkhut uprooted some 1,500 trees and left hundreds of windows smashed all over the city.

The loss of lives from extreme weather events can be truly shocking. They can be avoided, firstly by recognizing the importance of eco-systems such as forests and enforcing legislation and regulations that protect them from being overexploited for lumber and crops. Forests help to regulate rainfall, maintain soil quality, and to absorb CO2, the main greenhouse gas causing global warming. Their absence today only make an unstable tomorrow.

Secondly, the pressures of population and economic growth need to be recognized and addressed. Houses constructed in danger zones such as flood plains or at the foot of unstable hillsides can put lives at risk. Alleviating poverty and strengthening public institutions is vital to reducing the risk.

Local governments also have an essential role to play in ensuring that these tragedies are less likely to occur. Forecasts, early warning systems, and effective national weather services are important in protecting local communities from weather and climate impacts such as flooding, tidal surges, and heatwaves. Increasing cyclone and flood protections also help to reduce the impact during extreme weather events. World leaders should inspire people to lower carbon emissions, to stop global warming inducing extreme weather.

Extreme weather affects people, animals, and the ecosystem heavily. Therefore, we should improve our preventive, forecast, and reactive responses to reduce extreme weather’s impact. Everybody can contribute to Mother Earth, for example, reducing deforestation, don’t overpopulate and lowering carbon emissions. By stopping global warming, we can create a better earth for our future generations. Thank you.

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