VIDEO: A Speech to World Leaders

By composed_huckleberry

Extreme weather include unexpected, unusual, severe, or unseasonal weather. My community

experiences typhoons every year. I remember a year ago when the typhoon Mangkhut struck,

the news reported that more than 1,500 trees were uprooted and the wind smashed a lot of

windows. The government had to use a lot of time to clear the fallen trees and rubbish after the

typhoon. School was also suspended for two days. It was a very serious situation.

In my opinion, preventative and reactive actions have their own advantages and disadvantages,

but personally I think that it’s better to prevent than to react. Although sometimes some things

are unpredictable, if you do good preparation, it is almost impossible that bad things would

happen. If something bad really does happen, we can also use the correct method to react. For

example, if a tsunami breaks a water dam, the government can clear the water on land and build

a new water dam with a stronger structure.

I believe that global and local responses also have their own pros and cons. For global

responses, leaders of wealthy countries can help developing countries which usually have to

face a hard time after extreme weather events by donating or lending money or sending a rescue

team to those countries to help them. However, I think a local response is better than a global

response, because the government knows more about their own country.

My vision for the future is to make our planet a cleaner place. To do this, the present generations

have to take action on protecting the earth. Normal citizens can also do a lot to take care of our

planet, for example, walking or riding a bike short distances instead of driving, using a fan

instead of an air conditioner, recycling materials that are recyclable instead of throwing them

away, and more. It is very important to make this planet a good place, for the sake of the present

generation, future generations and the home for all of us.

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