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Extreme weathers are all over the world and we need to act fast.When we act fast we can prevent or be aware and protect ourselves.First of all when we say extreme weather we refer to when the weather moves from its normal point which can harm lives.

In my country we witnessed a very serious flood and what made it more difficult and hard to stop it was that an explosion happened which also added fire to the uncontrollable flood because,petrol came all over the water due to its contact with with a filling station which was also flooded.Over hundreds of properties were destroyed,250 people were killed and over thousands were injured. This event happened on the June of 2015.

This event was recorded as the worst disaster Ghana has ever witnessed.

We can prevent extreme weathers from happening,but this will invest much efforts and hardwork.However we can also plan ahead by saving money and investing in early warning activities.

The main barrier to stop extreme weather is being clean.We can recycle waste either than throwing them into gutters to choke them which can also cause flooding when there is a heavy rainfall.

When indiscriminate burning of bushes is stopped the release of green house gases can be prevented because green house gases destroys the ozone layer which protects us prom direct sun rays and ultra violent rays which can give diseases and make us experience extreme weather events.

I wish i could see the future generation rejoycing in a very good,natural and serene environment.I will like the future generations to have a world full of forest and other vegetations.All these must be started now these are some was to make life comfortable for the future generation:

*We can start to build infrastructures such as hospitals,good roads and more.

*We must start to plant trees and practise afforestation.

These are some ways of making the world a better place for the future generation,I think you know better you can express your ideas and opinions by commenting.


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    25 May 2020

    This is an interesting article @content_engineer. You say that we should invest in "early warning activities". Can you give any examples?

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