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Hello, I am skillful_turtle I believe that there is a way that the more frequent extreme weather events can decrease again this will take time and effort but in the end, it will save lives.

I am here today to raise an opinion on the rising amount of extreme weather events. This rapidly increasing threat is one that has few options thankfully I have come up with a solution.

The 2nd most suitable and easy solution to enforce is shade and trees this however is what I think is the 2nd most suitable. I believe this as the as then we are also protecting the global warming which is causing the which I think is causing these more frequent events I believe this as the types of extreme weather like tsunamis, earthquakes and other events such which are not caused by either a lack of a lack of rain or lack of heat . This means that the hey bro calls all of these more frequent and more harmful events.

So, carrying on the top 3 options I believe should all happen but some more than others.

Storm and cyclone protection as it will save lives, and this is so important. This could be done with naturally sourced items like wood, though that might not be as strong.

Rainwater collection is also another option as we are re-using the water. I know that this could not be done rapidly as you’d need to find a place which collects water and then somehow transport it to be cleaned.

Plant trees and create shade as you will probably know the slabs or concrete absorb heat and so planting trees can lower the temperature. This should be done more often near roads and paths.

My experience with extreme weather is all most nothing as I've only seen a thunderstorm though I have seen wildfires and tsunamis on TV.

The government are in my opinion taking truly little notice though in this situation it is extremely hard to act.

They could:

  • Help to plant trees,
  • Help other countries to protect their people against extreme weather events,
  • Help to collect rainwater and get it cleaned for the poor.

Everyone will get help from one of these actions which should be taken.

My vision for the future is that lots of street have a way of transporting

the water to be cleaned and given to the homeless and poor. There will also be less extreme weather events.

Thank you for reading ,


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