A Speech To The UN75 Global Conversation

Extreme weather is a weather event such as drought,flood,wildfir,heatwave that occurs unexpectedly at a place.My community experienced flood which was caused by continuous rainfall and out of the intensive rainfal,properties were destrayed.The rainfall started around 5pm in the evening till 4am and due to the heavy rainfall and poor drainage system in my community the whole community got flooded. A female medical doctor who was returning from duty at the hospital car got flooded in the middle of the road and there was no one to rescue her so she lost her life because the whole place was flooded and it was night and her body was seen in the morning when the family was searching for her.This sad events made the people In the community started building flood defenses and elevating people from places which are likely to be affected by extreme weather event. This flooded also resulted in polluting the environment and one school in my community building was also flooded and the students lost their textbooks and some vulnerable materials all because preventive measures weren’t put in place to avoid extreme weather event.

This Extreme weather event could have been avoided if the government should have checked the the layout of some buildings at improper places,proper drainage system,unauthorized way of building. I also think the government should concentrate on preventive measures more than reactive measures to prevent people from losing their lives. I also think the leaders should educate the public on the reasons to avoid building at unauthorized places to avoid lost of lives and properties. I also think the government should encourage the people of the country to pay their taxes so the country get enough money to help those who live at affected places of extreme weather and help put in preventive measures. All dough it good to put in preventive measures the country should also prepare reactive measures providing emergency health care to the injured and providing shelter for those who can’t stay in their homes.

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