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Hello, I am sensible_jackfruit. I am aware of many global problems but this particular speech is about extreme weather. Extreme weather is a drastic, severe or unusual weather. In my country Ghana, some communities experience extreme weather but not all the time. All the communities that have experienced extreme weather, experience heavy rainfalls which sometimes causes flooding. But in the community I live , we rarely experience extreme weather events. Only once in a while we experience heavy rainfall and heatwave. Those communities that experience flood have been affected in many ways. The flood destroyed people's homes and carried their houses away. Those were poor housing systems. The flood also carried people away and many others too died. A flood occurred sometime ago in Accra(Kaneshi). The Kaneshi market and it's surroundings were submerged, preventing vehicles from moving. This happened in 2015.

In order to prevent extreme weather from happening, I think communities should save money to respond to future extreme weather events, putting communal labour together to clear water ways of refuse,and if some communities can afford; construct strong housing systems for the homeless and people with poor housing systems. I think these responses are the best and also part of some barriers to combating extreme weather.

Not only communities can respond to extreme weather events. Governments should also take actions. Governments can take a lot of actions depending on the type of extreme weather events that occurs; actions that can prevent the extreme weather from happening again. For example, in Haiti, they often experience tropical storms. So the government should invest in early-warning storm systems. In Australia, they experience frequent droughts and extreme heat. So the government should help to plant more trees. That would help more clouds to form and the rain will fall to avoid the droughts and extreme heat. But in my country Ghana, for communities that experience heavy rainfalls which causes floods, the government should construct more drains especially in slum areas. I think these actions would work because, every extreme weather event can destroy people's lives so it must be dealt with. I also think these actions would work because, certain types of solutions have to do with certain extreme weather events. Governments should not focus on reactive actions. If governments should focus on reactive actions, that would be very dangerous and disastrous. So governments should never focus on reactive actions. Governments should focus on preventative actions. That would be better. For global and local responses, I think local responses would be better because with global responses you might borrow money from another country and you will have to pay with interest. But for local responses, you can encourage the people in the country to pay their taxes so that the country can save enough money for future weather disasters.

I would like the world to be like a world without extreme weather events. So we should take care of our planet, stop cutting down trees and stop activities that causes the extreme weather events. Actions are needed now in order for this to happen so that people's lives will not be destroyed and also reduce the effect of extreme weather events on the planet and our lives.

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