A Speech To The UN75 Global Conversation

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Extreme weather events are weather events which arises mainly due to changes in climatic conditions. These events occur outside the normal range of weather condition. Extreme weather like wildfire,drought,heatwave and hurricane are bad weather conditions that happens either in a country or an area. My country Ghana was hit by an extreme weather which was flood and it happened in my community where I live and it affected lot of people my community including my family and I on th 4th of October 2018. The cause of the flood was triggered by the seasonal rainfall combined with poor drainag,the dumping of waste into water ways and the low elevation of settlement in my community this flood destroyed lot of properties and homes in my community including my family and I and 8 people lost their lives.

Due to the flood my family and I were asked to relocate from the community to a different place because of the low elevation settlement of the community which was dangerous our lives if any flood happens again. We lost all our properties and relatives and friends and NADMO had to come to our aid to help us with blankets,cloths and other items to survive.

I would like to talk about a key point here,the government should evacuate peopled from areas likely to experience extreme weather and also educate the community on the dangers of extreme weather and through this education people will know where to build and where not to build their homes. I also think peopl should be educated on prevention measures used in controlling extreme weather events so they practice it to reduce lot of people losing their lives before reactive measures are used,for example if the people of my community were educatEd on the preventive measures like buildin flood defenses it would have save more lives and reducing the risk of more people getting injure.

To reduc the impact of extreme weather events the government have to invest in the Green Energy Technology using the natural way like sun,moon from preventing the artificial way to release harmful gases into the atmosphere, since extreme weather events are natural disasters and can’t be prevented from happening is also best to put reactive measures like providing emergency health care for the injured,investigate in why an event happened and saving money to respond to future weather disaster so that when it happens most people will be affected.

I also think the government the government should use both preventive and reactive measures to solve extreme weather events so when preventive measures doesn’t work the reactive measures will be applied to save life.


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