I have experienced flood in my house.

I live near a gutter. A day came and the rain rained very heavy. Because the gutters were chocked. The rain could not flow through the gutters,so it over flooded and bounced into my house. The rain was very heavy so we had to swim in the water and get out of the house through the window. The flood took everything away including:television,radio,fridge etc. We needed to stay in a neighbour 's house so that while we are staying there we can arrange our house. I think communities that has not exexperienced extreme weather should have a drainage system and also grow grasses for erosion and move people who are likely to experience extreme weather to other places. Government should act on preventive measures,So that when it happen many people will not lose their lives. I really want the future generation to learn more about extreme weather so that they Will know how to prevent it and to react on it.

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