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Extreme weather includes unexpected,unusual,severe or unseasonal weather.My country Ghana has experienced a flooding.There were loss of lives and properties,destruction of crops,soil erosion,loss of soil fertility and waterlogged land or soil.One major effects of flooding is the loss of lives and properties.Within the past decades,flooding has become a global pandemic which hampers economic and social development.This global phenomenon has led to loss of live and economic damages in many countries including Ghana.On June 3rd 2015,Accra,Ghana's capital experienced an unprecedented flash flood event,coupled with an explosion at a Goil Filling Station that resulted in a death toll of 152 lives.It is therefore necessary to explore new ideas and approaches that can be incorporated to existing structures to manage this problem.The aim of this study is to analyse this problem.The aim of this study is to analyse the underlying causes of flood in Accra.The intensity of rainfall events in eight drainage basins inAccra namely:

Kpeshie,Korle,Densu,Sakumo,Lafa,Osu,Songo Mokwe and Chemu triggers flash floods due to short response time and high specific peak discharges.Precipitational patterns in Accra have changed considerably within this few decades.Ghana has a serious flood problem.After every flood,the country's National Disaster Management Organisation along with the military,police and other emergency personel is deployed for rescue and emargency relief.Government then repairs damaged infrastructure,clears waterways and demolishes properties built too close to drainage channels.Money that could go towards future prevention is instead spent on perpetual cycles of recovery.These coping strategies will get more costly because the flood risk is set to get worse.Some are building structural flood protection measures,improving early warning systems to ensure timely flood risk alerts,practice social protection,proper waste management,constructing buildings above flood levels,tackling climate change etc.There is limited understanding of what impedes port decision makers from investing resources in climate and extreme weather adaptations.Such actions also serve to help prepare the marine transportation system for future climate and extreme weather events.Port decision makers need to plan for adaptation to storms and extreme weather to reduce risks of disaster.Active planning as opposed to reactive planning can help ports ensure long-term sustainability.As individuals,we know about the small actions we can take to help reduce the emissions that cause climate change.But what can and should our world leaders do?They can protect and restore key ecosystems,support small agricultural producers,promote green technology and combat short live climate pollutants.Ecosystems absorb carbondioxide in the atmosphere,a key gas that contributes to global warming also green technologies as a measure for adapting to the effects of the changing climate reduces economic and social consequences.When the the responses are global,other countries help and world leaders must respond globally to extreme weather.The world should be extreme weathwe free for future generations.We must take action so future generations will not be angry with us the present generation.


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  • global-conversation.png quickwitted_piano | Good Shepherd Minor Secondary School | Kenya
    21 May 2020

    A very good speech. In my country people living near the rivers and lakes which mainly causes loss of life and properties so the gorvement should find a way to control this floods so as to save life for the future generations. Thanks.

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  • rachelwilliams.JPG EXPERT: Rachel Williams, Lawyer @ Clifford Chance
    22 May 2020

    This is a detailed piece @accomplished_chocolate. You say that "the flood risk is set to get worse". Can you say why?

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