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Extreme weather? Extreme weather is also known as extreme climate events which include unexpected, unusual, severe or unseasonal weather; weather at the extremes of the historical distribution range that has been seen in the past. As we all are aware of, extreme weather events have suddenly increased from how they used to be in the past. Examples of some extreme weather events which are becoming common these days are flood, cyclones, heat waves, hurricanes and violent storms. These events are rare at the places they occur. Weather events are significantly different from the average or usual weather pattern. Global analyses show that the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere has intact increased due to the activities of man that cause warming. Climate change also alters characteristics of the atmosphere that affect the weather patterns and storms. My land of, Ghana happens to have experienced lots of extreme weather events but flood is what mainly occurs. One of which I experienced was flood that occurred at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange in Accra the largest city in Ghana. The rain started on the first of June 2015 and ended on the third of June, 2015. The flood was as a result of improper planning of settlement in Accra, chocked gutters which blocked the drainage system and a few other human factors. This flood resulted in heavy traffic on the road in the city and also a halt in commercial activities as markets were flooded and workers trapped. The flood was described to be critical. At least 25 people died directly from the flood and lots of people were injured. The flood as well resulted in the explosion of a Goil petroleum station which killed at least 200 more people and left a number of people injured and homeless.

For me I know very well that stopping extreme weather is not possible but minimizing it is the only solution to keep our world and planet safe. Minimizing the extreme weather events will take time and determination, that is why we all need to be involved to save our planet earth, nature and as well human lives. I have come up with some suggestion to prevent these events.

First, we must recognize the protective values of the ecosystem such as forest, and enforce legislation and regulations that protect them from being overexploited for lumber and crops and also encourage the planting of more trees. In Ghana the policy of planting trees has been executed, for us we mainly focus on reafforestation and afforestation in other to prevent desertification and I think this is a step all countries should put into consideration. Forests help to regulate rainfall, maintain soil quality and absorbs CO2 the main greenhouse gas linked to global warming and some extreme weather events. Their absence today makes way for unsafe tomorrow and as well make way for some disasters the world is facing today.

Also, every country must build defence to help prevent more damaging effects of extreme weather events to the community or country. As we already know, extreme weather events differ and countries also experience different extreme weather events. That is why every country must build a defence for the particular extreme weather events that happens. For instance, in Ghana the main extreme weather eevent is flood so we build our defence against flood, so does your country need to build a defence their main extreme weather event.

Again countries must put in measures to minimize the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. All activities that lead to the introduction of CO2 can't be stopped but we can minimize CO2 emission in the activities we perform. Government must make policies to minimize the emission of CO2. Before we do all this we must take into consideration those who will be most affected by the extreme weather events when they happen and find ways of helping them out.

The must be involved and is involved because they play a greater role in decision making as well as making policies. They are to make people aware of the situation and take suitable decisions for the good of the people. The government mmust take decisions like help to feed the poor during and after the event, they must fund small scale businesses that are likely to collapse in this period and they must decide on how to help the affected during and after the extreme weather event. I think the government feeding the poor during and after the event is important to help them stay alive and prevent hunger, small scale businesses have to come back to normality after the extreme weather event in order to reduce unemployment that is why it is important to help them retrieve their loses, also, helping the affected during and after the extreme weather event will reduce poverty rate. Government must focus on both preventive and reactive measures. The government must take preventive measures such as

• moving people away from places likely to experience the extreme weather events the most.

• prepare our defence against extreme weather event.

• save money to combat the extreme weather event.

Reactive measures are important when the extreme weather event has occurred. Measures like

• providing emergency healthcare to the injured.

• sending food and other materials to the affected and give money to the people who are at home and can't work.

Our response this must be more local than global because the government know their people or citizens so they will know how to handle this but globally we can help each other in terms of money and stimulus packages as well as help each other with needed materials to help reduce the effect of extreme weather events. World leaders can help this by donating materials that will help in the situation and help with things lacking, as well as help with financial aid.

The world been the home humans for humans and will always be. It is our duty and responsibility to protect and keep it safe. How many more people do we expect to die bbefore we take serious action. We must protect the lives of other and clear the path for the future generation. The lives that must be lost in the extreme weather event must be a life that helps another person, we must put ourselves in the shoes of those who have fallen victim for these extreme weather events then we can understand how it feels. My fellow let's also change our attitude so that we can fight this once and for all. It is our attitude that got us to this stage so it must be our attitude that changes it. Please let's be compliant and reduce the emission of CO2. TogWe must come together as one people with a common goal or agenda and fight the threat facing our world and that enemy and threat is the extreme weather events. This is the only way to make our planet safe. Thank you.

# Protect the earth from extreme weather events.

# Let's be compliant.

#Fight against extreme weather event now.

# Lower carbon emission.

# Together we can fight extreme weather events.

Thank you for reading.

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