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When a weather event is different from the normal or usual weather that occurs,it is termed as extreme weather.There are soo many definitions for extreme weather.A flood occured in my country which resulted from heavy continuous rainfall in Accra,the largest city in Ghana.The rain started on 1st June 2015.The floods have resulted in heavy traffic on the roads in the city and also a halt in commercial activities as markets were flooded and workers trapped.Mayor of Accra Metropolitan Assembly,Alfred Oko Vanderpuije described the flooding as critical.At least 25 people have died from the flooding directly,while a petrol station explosion caused by the flooding killed 200 more people.My country responds by coordinating the activities of various bodies in the management of disasters,rehabiliating persons affected by disasters,mobilizing affected communities to support various government programmes such as poverty reduction programe as well as those aimed at the management of disasters,ensuring that the country is prepared to prevent disasters and manage them well when they occure.Unpredictable weather patterns are more frequent now than ever.No matter where you live,now is the time to prepare.Unpredictable weather means storms can come on quickly,taking you by surprise.Here are a few examples of extreme weather are: Tornadoes,floods,hurricanes,heatwaves,storms,wildfires etc.

Heavy rains,storms,sea level rise and extreme heat can damage the critical coastal infrastructure upon which coastal communities depend on.Port desicoin makers need to plan for adaptation to extreme weather events to reduce risks of disaster.Adaptations require adjustment in natural or human systems in response to actual or expected climate stimuli or their effects.Barriers are defined as obstacles that can be overcome with concerted effort,creative management,change of thinking,and the related shift in resources,land uses,institutions etc.Barriers to adaptations can be institutional or socio-cultural.Some of the measures that have been put in place by various governments are:

1.The move to reduce the greenhouse gases that are emitted by the various means of transport.

2.Industries and other organisations that use energy-using machines to become efficient in their use of energy.

3.Reduce the prices of energy friendly appliances.

4.Encourage people to resort to the use of insulators in their buildings to help in making energy usage in the home efficient.

World leaders should focus on preventive measures so the impact is not great react to for prevention is better than cure.Also focusing on global responses so that people around the world will help.World leaders can support this by trying it to see how it works for the good of the nation.Experience is the best teacher.I would like the world to be free from extreme weather for future generations to come.Lets come together as one and forget about our differences.Action is needed now in order for it not to get too late.Action as we all know speaks better than words.There is still a lot of hope.

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  • eliotcohen.jpg EXPERT: Eliot Cohen, Trainee, banking and finance @ Clifford Chance
    26 May 2020

    Thank you for clearly explaining those 4 measures, and I appreciated your hopeful ending!

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