A speech presented to the UN75 Global Conversation on extreme weather by quiet_bell.

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My speech to distinguished world leaders:

Hello,all presidents, I would like to inform you that we are going through difficult months due to the Corona pandemic and everyone knows this, and Corona has become a center of concern for everyone from the heads or from the public.

Corona went with the lives of thousands of people and infected millions and Corona became a disaster and a big problem that we must get rid of this problem is an soon as possible before it affects a larger number of people, but despite this we must not turn a blind eye to other problems that have threatened our world for thousands of years and continue to date.

Among the most prominent of these problems:extreme weather or rather bad weather events are problem that threatens humanity everyone today or on the future.

Accept, we hear almost every day about countries that are exposed to disasters and bad events and we have pity of them, but we do not care about them a lot, I am one from the world I hear about these disasters, but I do not care about it, and we all do not know the extent of the problem until we try it, but the time has come to find a difinitive solution to this problem.

we cannot and will not be able to stop it because it is divine, but there are ways that we can reduce it is harmfulness and also when we deal in a correct manner with any problem and understand it well and when we insist on finding appropriate solutions we will be able to solve it and reduce its harm to humanity, the extremist weather does not differentiate between countries, it solves rich and poor countries, but Flash R resulting from it is different.

For the rich developed countries with a good economy would be able repair the damag,but if a poor state solution here lies the problem they will not find help it to repair the damage it is possible that the whole economy is being destroyed and people die from hunger and disease.

Of course everyone will think about many question including: What are the causes of these disasters and extreme events, and how can we reduce their harm to us…??


First: Extreme weather is very strong events that happens suddenly without prior knowledge in it, examples include: hurricanes in their devastating from strong heat waves, and heavy rains that produce terrential torrents,etc.

Second: the reasons for these events?? One of the most prominent causes of these events is the global warming that results from the escalation for thousand of factories in the world. This smoke rises to the atmosphere and remains in it and produces global warming. Now we have learned that the causes of these events is we and we can overcome it.

Third: How do we get rid of it?? As I said earlier, we cannot stop it, but there are many reasons that help us to minimize it is harms, including unity and cooperation. If a meeting were held and each country provided solutions to this weather, all countries could act with it in a correct way. Also, it is possible to punish factories that produce heavily polluted smoke, and we also have increase vegetation to reduce the rise of carbon dioxide, which is one of the gases in polluted smoke.

This was my speech to you and I hope that I have been able to deliver my message to you. Thanks for listening.

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