A speech presented to the UN75 Global Conversation on extreme weather by fair_minded spring.

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The major problem confronting our world today is the extreme weather. Gone are the days when Mother Nature groomed in peace without any activity altering it. All those activities altering results to many severe extreme weather happenings which I want to air my views on.

By definition, extreme weather is the occurrence of a value of a weather or climate variable above (or below) a threshold value near the upper (or lower) ends of the range of observed values of a variable. In a lay mans understanding, extreme weather can be those unexpected, unusual, severe or unseasonal weather. Nigeria has had its fair share of climate extreme in recent times. Flood is seen as one of the main extreme weather in Nigeria. Also heavy tropical rain accompanied with seasonal flash flood, sometimes lead to death especially in rural areas and overcrowded suburbs due to poor or non-existent drainage. Following statistics, in 2012 Nigeria has experienced its worst flood in 40 years. The National Emergency Management Agency estimated that the flood killed over 400 persons and displaced over a million. The flood affected over 30 out of Nigeria’s 36 states. Also,the flood of July 10, 2011, in Lagos; august 26, 2011 in Ibadan and more recently nationwide floods in 2012 are all pointer to the extreme of precipitation being experienced in the country.

The best respond at this point is the Government Respond towards funding. Also, the Community Responding to Extreme Weather (CREW) team can respond positively by enlightening the people, preparing them for local climate, protecting vulnerable people and preventing the worst impact of the weather extreme advancing actionable, effective and equitable solution. No matter where we are, now is the time for us to plan and prepare against the weather extreme. For instance in cases of flood, we should evaluate the risk and learn to reduce it by knowing if our drainage are functioning effectively. Some barriers combating extreme weather includes lack of financial resources, inability to control mode of emission of gases and lack of leadership functions.

Therefore, government actions toward extreme weather are needed. Government should ensure sustainable and equitable use of resources without degrading the environment. Government actions help to improve our knowledge on the happenings. If Government Foster growth to help cope in times of extreme weather and provide insurance markets, it can help cushion the economic consequence. Government should focus mainly on the total preventive action towards extreme weather. Local response towards it can help in our local environment but global response will be of greater advantage globally. World leaders can help us out by providing financial support needed to prevent, predict and manage the occurrence of extreme weather.

In conclusion, climate extremes are already happening but I believe with the scientist model record discovery, it can be checked and moderated. My vision for the nearest future is that a time will come when the whole world will enjoy the joy of Mother Nature and not its wrath .Then, the world will be extreme weather free because I believe the technological advancement of the future generation will be more modest not to degrade the environment or alter the climate. Action is needed towards these happenings because the world is already experiencing this devastating effect of extreme weather. The latest analysis by the UN High Commission Refugees (UNHER) estimated that on average, 21.5 million people are displaced by weather related events every year since 2008. So actions are needed at this stage so that it does not get out of hand and become uncontrollable worldwide.Thank you.

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