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Hello, I am jolly_chocolate

I would like to talk about my experience with extreme weather in my country.

The 2015 Accra floods resulted heavy continuous rainfall in Accra, the largest city in Ghana. The rain started on the 1 June, 2015. Other causes of the flood was as a result of the improper planning settlement in Accra, chocked gutters which blocked the drainage systems and a few other human factors. The floods have resulted in heavy traffic on the roads in the city and also a halt in commercial activities as markets were flooded and the workers were trapped. At least 25 people had died from the flood directly, while a petrol station explosion caused by the flooding killed at least 200 more people. The impacts of flooding include the destruction of homes and properties, destruction of agricultural and non- agricultural lands, livestock, livelihoods and most of loss of human lives.


The government can play a role by supporting people and businesses to overcome some of the barriers and create an environment conducive to the appropriate adaptions decisions.

Adaptions decisions are not made vacuum- the options and incentives available are shaped by a range of non- climate related policies and institutional arrangements. For example, water companies responses to the increased risk of drought will be affected by the regulators decisions on how much they can charge for water , planning decisions about where and what they can build and the legal framework governing abstractions and water use.

Poblic procurement, the operation of the government estate and involvement in the provision of important adaptions public goods such as flood defence will all affect the UK's resilience to climate impacts. Incorporating adaptions throughout the government's actions will also have wider benefits such as expanding the market for climate resilience products and services. Interventions to overcome barriers to adaptio can be assessed in three criteria:

1 Effectiveness- the policy should redu vulnerability to climate change.

2 Efficiency- the benefits should out the costs.

3 Equity- distributional consequences should be taken it's accounts.

As for the future leaders l want peace for them because when there is peace with no conflict or anything that can lead to death, injury, destruction etc, we will happy and united.

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