A short story: Corona Virus under arrest!

(This is an imaginary story about the virus that was under arrest of the world global police and today is its jugdment in a court. )

Several months have passed and the world seems to feel better after taking control over covid-19. So the Supreme Court has decided to arrest the virus and as fair as any judgment, the virus has the right defend itself. It hasn’t been easy to captivate it. It is guilty of killing thousands of people all over the world. Fortunately, the global police has arrested it and today is the sentence court. The judge looks at Corona and says: Covid-19 do you know why you are under arrest? I’ve known that you didn’t want a lawyer to defend you. Are you conscious about that?

Corona is so self-confident, it doesn’t seem bothered or confused, so well determined it answers:

- I don’t understand the reasons behind my arrest?

-Really?! Haven’t you killed 348,194 people and caused millions of citizens’ sickness.

-I’m not guilty sir. What have I done? Have I killed more than Cancer victims? I haven’t seen the world upside down because of this disease? Smoking is one of the major causes of cancer and though tobacco companies are still producing that poison. Moreover I didn’t come by myself. In fact Earth was suffering so badly and weeping every single day because of what you, people, are doing. You haven’t stopped polluting its air, water and land. Animals are killed. So one day a good fairy has created me to help Earth. You people were so greedy that you couldn’t stop its sufferings. Climate has changed and extreme weather has ravaged the world and damaged it. Now you blame me !? That good fairy created me to attack the respiratory system of people so that they feel the importance of the air they breathe. By the way, why haven’t you arrested N1H1 and many other viruses? They weren’t kind as I know!! My creator wanted me to be very contagious that’s the reason you have panicked. I haven’ killed more than the other viruses, diseases, wars or even those starving to death. Your fear was the speed of the contagion and your inability to get over it despite your technologies and development. That’s why you were obliged to stay in your homes. Your homes that you were at first happy to be in at the beginning, it was an occasion to surf the net and connect others virtually- things that you love-. The internet that curse more than being a bless as everybody is too busy with their phones so that families don’t spend with each other as they used to before its intervention. Now I give you the opportunity to deprive you from family relations, no more hugs or kisses, just connection to the internet and your smart phones. Isn’t that what you like?? Now you can feel the importance of something you had but ignored and didn’t pay attention to its importance: family relationships and the depth of feelings shared. Now you are bored of your gadgets and long to the old good days. You dream to hug your relatives and spend some time with them over a dinner or sipping a drink. It’s true that many old people died, but where were most of them? In elderly houses, far from their kids because they are too busy taking care of their business rather than their parents; and I am the one to be blamed?? And look at the world now, haven’t I cleaned the seas from your dirt and oils? Sea creatures are free again in their own kingdoms. Haven’t I cleaned the air from your flights and gas emissions? What am I blamed for? Saving the earth? From you? And for your own sake!! Because by saving earth I save you! How blind can you be!! Sorry your honor but that’ the truth. By closing fast foods and restaurants I also saved kids from all the junk food they are consuming and getting a weak health. Now they are enjoying eating healthier as mothers are worried and make sure their children are healthier to resist me. Haven’t I opened your eyes on a truth that you are going wrong? I am sorry for the loss I have caused but it’s nothing compared to the damages you – men- are doing. Whatever your sentence will be, I am happy to be the one that contributed in healing the earth even for a while. So, now I want you to judge the human kind the way you are judging me. Thank you for giving me the chance to defend myself and I am ready for anything you will decide.

The court is listening to every single word the virus is saying and an emotional silence is felt for the first time in any court before. Some lawyers try to hide a tear shed while others just keep silent and speechless. It is something strange that happens in this court, so strange that the judge decides to fix another date for the sentence.

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