'A Message to World Leaders'

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By darling_goji

Have you ever experienced an extreme weather? I experienced it the year

before. In summer of 2018, when I woke up in the morning, I heard a

terrible sound. It was raining cats and dogs outside. A typhoon called

Mangkhut came to Hong Kong. Thundering and flooding occurred

everywhere. Therefore, I couldn’t go out to meet friends or eat outside

almost for a week.

Extreme weather includes unexpected, unusual, severe, or unseasonal

weather. This extreme weather is mainly caused by the increasing amount

of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which enhances the greenhouse

effect. More heat is trapped in the atmosphere. Hence, there has been a

rise in the average temperature of the earth recently. This is known as

global warming which causes climate change.

For example, the extreme hot weather that will make the ice at Polar

Regions melt swiftly. I think polar bears are very miserable because they

will lose their habitat in a few years. The polar bears will soon become

extinct. According to Wikipedia, one billion animals have been killed in

the Australia wildfire, they are very innocent. Some endangered species

may also be driven to extinction. People in the world are very selfish,

they make the earth sick. Human activities have been disrupting the

balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in nature. For example, according

to Wikipedia, over the past forty years, people have burnt a lot of fossil

fuels in power stations to meet the demand for generating electricity. In

addition, burning fossil fuels in factories and vehicles cause an increase

in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These may bring

harmful effects on the environment. Thus, our earth becomes warmer

and warmer. We will no longer have any more winter season throughout

the year.

There are lots of ways to plan ahead or prevent extreme weather from

happening. I think low-carbon living is the best and effective response to

combat extreme weather in communities. Low-carbon living is useful for

slowing down global warming and preventing climate change from

getting worse. In recent years, people around the world have highly

promoted low-carbon living. For example, we need to separate and

recycle different wastes according to the types of materials they are made

from. For example, products made from plastic require a longer period of

time to be decomposed. We have to handle them differently. However,

people may not follow the low-carbon living methods, so it is the barrier

to combating the extreme weather. The second way to prevent extreme

weather is to build some Zero Carbon Buildings. Zero Carbon Buildings

are designed and constructed to have no net carbon emission. Zero

Carbon Building uses solar power and biofuels to generate electricity for

the daily operations of the buildings.

To prevent the extreme-weather events, world leaders should promote

low-carbon living lifestyle that emits less carbon dioxide. To achieve

this, governments should hold some campaigns to alert the citizens to be

aware of the low-carbon living lifestyle. It can set up laws to request the

citizens to separate different kinds of waste at home before disposal.

Some wastes can be recycled into new products. In this way, fewer

products are manufactured and so energy can be saved from the

manufacturing process. In addition, the world leaders can proactively

encourage the citizens to participate in “Earth Hour”, a campaign that

asks people to turn off non-essential lights for an hour. This aims to raise

awareness of the need to save energy. The world leaders’ support is vital

for citizens to realize a future where nature thrives alongside human


On top of this, world leaders can also take other preventative actions.

They can reduce electricity usage by burning fewer fossil fuels and hence

less carbon dioxide is emitted. To support this, their governments can

use some other ways of generating electricity. They are renewable

energy sources such as wind power, solar power, hydroelectric power and

biofuels. These energy sources do not need to burn any fossil fuels,

thereby reducing the emission of carbon dioxide.

Last but not least, I hope that the world can resume into the normal one

without natural disasters and the extreme weather events will not occur

again. Hence, everyone can see the lovely world with smiling face again.

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