A letter to world leaders on the Corona virus.

A letter to world leaders on the Corona virus.

I address my world leaders .

those who protect and save their country from this storm that strikes the world's ship alike to those who can save and deliver this ship safely through their right decisions. I greet you first.

It was said that there is a virus that is too small to be seen with the naked eye, transmitting from one person to another and from one city to another and from one state to another until he invaded the whole world while he was ignorant of the meaning of the difference and did not differentiate between (big and small) (black and white) (poor and rich) Everyone became sick alike until it became a global crisis, schools were suspended, movement was hindered, the global economy fell, and the White Army (doctors) appeared.

It's like fairy tales, but unfortunately, this is the reality we live today. Are these reasons not sufficient to unite to confront this deadly epidemic, which has become a source of concern for many scientists and doctors in your country and spread fear and anxiety among your peoples? As a child with simple and innocent thinking, I ask you (governments and societies) to cut all our flags and meet under one banner that has one heart that beats with love and equality for all. We have one goal and is to confront this global crisis.

We all comply with preventive measures such as:

Washing hands, continuous sterilization, staying at home, and wearing masks and gloves. Governments must provide services to people in their homes and provide him with cleaning materials, masks, and gloves.

I believe that your thoughtful, vibrant, intelligent thinking that made you one of the leaders of the world today has realized the meaning of simple words and what their goal is and what message the silent world wants to send to you and I hope that you do not disappoint us.

I hope in the future to see our world as a unified world capable of achieving the impossible

Peace Center to everyone.

And to be a strong world capable of facing crises.

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