A letter to world leaders on extreme weather.

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A letter to world leaders on extreme weather.

I address my world leaders.

I address my letter to decision makers.

for everyone who can help us in facing the global issues (extreme weather) that affect many and many people and I think your responsibility is to protect your country's population from this extremist phenomenon that ends the lives of many people in general and adversely affects the country, especially In the architectural, economic and health fields, therefore, we must unite with each other and forget all the differences between us and we have one goal we agreed upon, which is to face this global crisis (extreme weather) because dispersion does not solve problems but rather increases them, so it must take decisive measures to prevent climate change and extreme weather. .

I wish from your governments, your peoples and your societies, to be united in implementing the measures, and I as a child. My simple thinking has led me to these procedures. I hope you will have the capacity and patience to hear these measures:

1- Planting more trees.

2- Educating citizens and integrating them in any plan to confront climate change, as they feel a sense of responsibility.

3- Recycle waste properly.

4- Using modern engines for transportation that does not cause harmful emissions.

5- With the low price of oil due to the Corona virus crisis, this is a good opportunity to get rid of fossil fuels gradually and go to renewable energies.

6- Reducing carbon emissions.

These are simple procedures that may come to mind for many simple people, and now I leave you with the decision to approve my application because you are the decision makers.

Hope you give us other actions that show your intelligence. And the enthusiasm for solving this crisis, I hope in the future I will see that this crisis has ended and it has not remained one of our priorities. And I hope people have a culture to protect the environment from climate change and be able to cope with the harsh weather

You are a role model for many and reflect your country and your peoples ..

Thank you, it was with you (human being).


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