A letter to world leaders on extreme weather.

My speech to world leaders on the harsh weather.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I greet you first.

I stand on this great platform to convey to you the messages of children who are victims of extreme weather and climate change.

These kind-skinned kids are kind-hearted and full of love, with simple and innocent thinking, facing a devastating brutal tornado, blazing fires and floods about to end their lives.

I am here today, not as a person giving a speech, but as a child delivering the message of his brothers children who are victims of severe weather from all over the world.

Sir, I am a kid who faced winds different from any winds.

Destructive violent winds.

The white flowers I planted yesterday that resemble my heart were destroyed.

My father's farm, which was like God's paradise on earth, was destroyed.

There were many green plants and trees that decorated our garden, but today they have been removed from their roots and have only a trace left of the soil on which they were planted.

Sir, I am a child, and I faced a fire that is not like the fire that we ignite to feel warm.

The fire was about to catch me and burn me, but she grabbed my little toy and burned it and turned to ash.

Then my house, my bed and my books were on fire. I only saw fire spread in all directions.

After the fire ended, I saw my house became black and I felt indescribable pain, Mr. President.

Mr. President, I am a child. We all know that we cannot live without water, meaning that water is the basis of life, but the water that I encountered was brutal, murderous, killing my favorite cat. I saw it calling me to save it, but I could not.

This water is not like the water we know and love.

This water destroyed our farms, flooded our property, schools and homes, and made us see death with our own eyes.

This water destroyed my father's workplace, flooded my best friend, and made me see that the water is a curse, not a blessing.

Sir, this is me,

I heard these words from young children with innocent pink dreams, I went with this harsh weather.

Sir, our only goal that we all agreed on is that we want to end the so-called climate change and extreme weather, and this is not easy, but it requires your great efforts and your participation to end this global problem that kills so many innocent people annually.

Thank you for hearing me.


This is not reported from real people, but I wrote it.

Thank you

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