Your questions answered by Liz Bonnin!

We're very happy to say Liz Bonnin took time out from her busy schedule to answer your questions! Here's Liz to introduce herself...

What are the main causes of climate change?
openminded_seed, Mwangaza Secondary School, Kenya

Does climate change and extreme weather affect every part of the world?
enterprising_grasshopper, Archdeacon Crowther Memorial Girl's School, Elelenwo, Nigeria

Is it too late to stop climate change and extreme weather or are we able to manage and work together help to stop this?
appreciative_hurricane, Hammond Junior School, England

Does climate change affect the food chain?
lovable_agency | Rev Father Lemmens Basic School, Ghana

Has lockdown affected daily pollution levels and will this affect the weather?
fulfilled_starfruit | New Horizons Children's Academy, England

Can reactions to extreme weather have negative impacts?
Bonus question from Tom @ the BNC

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