Dr. Helen Czerski speaks to the BNC!

We're delighted to welcome physicist, oceanographer and presenter Dr. Helen Czerski to the Burnet News Club to answer your excellent questions!

Can we reduce the frequency of hurricanes?
poetic_recipe, Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School, Occupied Palestinian Territory

What types of extreme weather do you come across when working on the oceans?
intrepid_hurricane, Lyons Hall Primary School

What role do you play in the discussion about extreme weather?
proactive_agency, Achimota Basic School, Ghana

How do changes in the world’s seas affect us?
comfortable_computer, Achimota Basic School, Ghana

How far do you have to stand back when chasing a tornado? (see Helen chasing it here!)
enterprising_grasshopper, Archdeacon Crowther Memorial Girl's School, Elelenwo, Nigeria

You can see Helen chasing the tornado by clicking here!

What was the most interesting thing you learnt from Helen Czerski's answers? Add your comments below!

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