What can we do to help Climate Change? (Meat-free week)


Do you want to die? We know the answer to that question... No, you do not want to die. Are you doing something to help climate change? If yes, great! If not, are you on the same page as everyone else in this world?!! If you want to die, then carry on doing nothing but if you want to live then cut down on eating meat and greenhouse gasses. Do you want to tear up your future? If not, you have to read this post and remember there is no planet B...

As you all know the Climate Emergency is tearing apart the planet. But, a good way to stop this dreadful, despicable and deadly drama is that we stop eating meat! Did you know that 15% of greenhouse emissions are from meat and 80% of trees cut down are just for meat!

This is important to the younger generation because it is that generation that will face the full effect of climate change. All we have to give up is meat or climate change will not stop. I think there should be a government action about this or animals will still be slaughtered even though they have done no wrong. I think a good challenge for everyone is to have a meat free month. This isn’t too hard but isn’t too easy. Also, a meat free diet could reduce your carbon footprint by 50%! So, if you don’t want the world to burn to a crisp try to have a month without meat before it’s too late. . .

Education is the key to a good life, as most of you would agree with us. If you don’t go to school, you don’t get a good education, and if you don’t get a good education you don’t get a good job, and if you don’t get a good, well-paying job you struggle to buy the human essentials, e,g food and water. What we are saying is if you don’t go on a meat-free then there won’t be a school for the next generation.

So, in conclusion, do your part for climate change. We all want the best future for our relatives and friends so go on a meat-free week to stop climate change…


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