My challenge to you


Hey guys its me again, artisitc_opinion and today we will be talking about a challenge I am doing and a hallege that you all should do!

What is the challenge?

My challenge to yuo is to become vegan for one week. I want everyone to do this because in a article I was reading about climate change, I read that if yuo have less meat and less dairy it is beter for the environment. I want you all not to eat enything from dairy or animal products. Doing this will play a huge part in the battle against climate change.

I hope everyone does this as I am aswell.


  • Have someone do it with you do that you have company
  • Be resilient
  • Look at all the good things
  • Go on a diet!
  • Love what yuo eat
  • Look at recipes that have a variety of Vegan Options

I hope you guys like this and enjoy!

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ the BNC
    11 Jul 2019

    Interesting challenge! I've given this a go myself. What are some of the challenges of doing this? For example, B12 is an important vitamin which only exists in animal products.

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