Climate change and the disastrous impact.

In burnet News Club today we researched climate change. One of our activities was to imagine our points of view of climate change as different people: A world leader, a child in bangladesh, scientist and finally a student protester. We aggreed that a world leader would not necessarily care about our environment but more about the money. Firstly, Coal (a fossil fuel) farms are cheaper than wind farm so a world leader normally thinks of the cheaper option; Coal is a non-renewable energy this means that eventually it will run out however wind is renewable so it will not run out.

Then we had to think about a child in bangladesh. We watched a short clip about it, Bangladesh is quite a poor country so they don't really impact climate change. The main polluters of the earth is China(10,357 mtCO2 emitted per year) and all of this ends up affecting Bangledesh. Bangledesh is quite common for there storms but recently they have become rather horrific. In the video a young girl explained how she saw out of her window the sea rapid;y disappearing then suddenly shooting back so she went and took cover at her aunt's. Now all that remains of her house is rubble.

Scientists have known for quite a while now that our atmosphere is heating up from emmision from fossil fuels however we haven't been listening. In 2016, the earth’s surface temperature was around 0.94 Celsius degrees warmer than the 20th century average. In the last few years, global temperatures have been consistently among the hottest on record.

Finally a student campaigner. They are not allowed to vote as they are not old enough yet so all we can do is protest. People need to realise that in the next 12 years climate change will be irreversable so we're running out of time. We want our children and grandchildren to grow and live a happy and healthy life breathing fresh, clean air and we don't want them breathing in toxic fumes


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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ the BNC 06 Jun 2019

    Great job describing the activity and sharing your thoughts!

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  • Phoenix-logo-250x250.jpg unique_strawberry
    Phoenix Primary School 07 Jun 2019

    I agree with what you have commented in your post.but there are other causes of our planet turning hot.therefore. My table were scientist and we said we should start looking for a new planet that has life on for us to live incase our one dies out

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