Say thank you to our experts and volunteers!

As we near the summer holidays, we'd like to say thank you to all the experts and volunteers who have joined the Hub this year.


Thank you experts!

For each Issue, experts have answered your brilliant questions - either via video-link or in writing. We know so many of you have valued hearing what they have to say. Perhaps you may remember...

Reggie Love telling us about what it's like to be assistant to President Obama, Natasha Sayliss talking about running her cafe during the pandemic, or Kajal Odedra explaining how to make change happen through online activism. These are just three of thirty one subject experts who have generously given their time to answer your questions this year. You can find all of the experts for each Issue by clicking an Issue on this page and then scrolling down to "Editors' Picks".

Right: Reggie Love even sent his answers from his hotel!

Thank you volunteers!

We've also welcomed over one hundred volunteers from several organisations: KPMG, Clifford Chance, Hogan Lovells, Bank of England, Unilever and The Economist.

You might recognise their contributions from their purple boxes like below:


They have given up time in their working week to add to the discussions - giving you feedback and asking you questions. We say a big thank you to them!

What would you like to say to our experts and volunteers? Add your thank you below!

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  • Cheam Common logo wondrous_orca | Cheam Common Junior Academy
    20 Jul 2021

    Thank You for everything you all have done for us! You have made our time at BNC truly memorable and we will always remember that because of you, we enjoyed BNC. I think I'm speaking for everyone when I say you all really helped a lot by replying to our comments and it really meant a lot to us. You have generously given us precious time. Thank You So Much!!!

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  • Cheam Common logo clever_forest | Cheam Common Junior Academy
    20 Jul 2021

    Thank you very much!
    Thank you for everything you have done! You all have truly made my days everyday! Without you , BNC wouldn't be fun and I wouldn't enjoy it that much. We are soooo lucky to have you! Thank you very much ( once again!

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  • Cheam Park logo eager_reflection | Cheam Park Farm Primary
    21 Jul 2021

    eager_reflection here,
    I would like to thank the BNC staff, volunteers and the experts for making my time at the BNC so fun and interesting. I learnt so much from them and had a great time. Thanks again for helping me as well as other students to learn far more about issues in the news. Thank you for putting the time into reading all of our posts, comments and answers and asking us inquisitive questions that really help us think about the news more. I would like to thank the experts because of all the knowledge they shared with us and for answering our questions.
    Thank you BNC!

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  • Arnhem-Wharf-logo-250x250.jpg valuable_thought | Arnhem Wharf Primary School
    23 Jul 2021

    Thank you everyone who runs this. I am glad I am here to share my thoughts and opinions and thanks to the people who helped me and gave feedback. I hope you all will have a great time!

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