Poem about Cancel Culture

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Acrostic poem about Cancel Culture:

Cancel culture is quite cruel

And it really should not rule

Nobody likes isolation

Coldness and repent: a dreadful combination

Everyone deserves a second chance

Loneliness and regret is clear at a glance

Caring people will understand

Under different circumstances we might feel mad

Let us all be happy and equal

Today should be a forgiving sequel

Usually we humans can figure out justice

Really, Cancel Culture doesn't bring bliss

Everyone, let's stop cancelling today!

We were doing acrostic poems in school so I thought it would be nice to create one. Thanks for reading!

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    19 Jul 2021

    This is a great discussion stater, selfassured_journalist, as there's lots people can agree or disagree with. For exmaple, is there any instances where cancel culture might create bliss? Great use of rhyme too!

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    1. Manor Park logo selfassured_journalist | Manor Park Primary Academy
      Tom @ the BNC's comment 19 Jul 2021

      Thank you!
      I personally think only really mean and selfish people actually deserve to be cancelled. They contribute only to disruption in harmony, so in that circumstance it does create bliss. However, I believe everyone deserves a second chance.

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