Is Cancel Culture innocent or guilty?


I think cancel culture should be prosecuted. Former US president, Barack Obama once said about cancel culture ‘If all you're doing is casting stones, you're probably not going to get that far’. This report will explain to you why cancel culture is guilty.

Firstly, cancel culture ruins lives because just from a little mistake, your whole world will fall apart whether that's your career or your personal life. The time and hard work you spent on earning a job will all fade away because of what you said - a little mistake that may have hurt lots but was still a mistake. This ‘mistake’ might have happened recently or even several years ago - it will still affect you and I personally don’t think this is right because you might have been a teenager and may have not been mature. However, if someone said something offensive and stood by what they said, I think they should be punished.

Also, cancel culture doesn’t result in justice. This is because you cancel somebody without explaining to them why it is wrong. They don’t understand why what they said or did was wrong and that doesn’t explain anything to those who question the judgement of cancel culture. You should educate people, not silence them for doing something wrong.

As well as that, cancel culture takes away the chance for people to be heard. This means we only hear one part of the conversation because we don’t let others express themselves. I think it’s important to let people say what they want to say and hear their opinions to make it a fair debate. It could change people’s minds and make them see that what they are saying is not harmful (if it is actually not offensive). Imagine what the world would be like if Rosa Parks or Mary Seacole didn’t stand up for themselves. We would be stuck in the past.

Cancel culture will make the future worse. This is because when you cancel people you basically hit the mute button. Imagine a future where whenever someone makes a mistake and offends someone, they are muted. Lots of people wouldn’t have a voice. I also think the more we use cancel culture the more we depend on it. I think that if we lean on to cancel culture so much, we see it as a first option and not a last resort. Also cancel culture intoxicates the mental health of cancelled people and lots of others who believe that what the cancelled person did was right. You wouldn’t want to live in a future where a huge number of people are mentally unhealthy

I think people's voices should be heard whether it’s an apology or an explanation. However I think cancel culture can be a last resort for someone who said something extremely wrong and offensive that affects millions of people.


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