Is cancel culture fair?

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Well it can all depend on the situation if I'm honest, sometimes it may just be deserved but it's not always as simple. Nobody deserves their lives changed and destroyed even if they have made a mistake. It's isn't fair if someone has made a genuine mistake and apologised properly to then cancel them and ignore them. There may be reasons to dislike or agree with someone, but personally i dont think cancel culture is fair.

Why it might be fair:

  • It has helped get rid of people who are racist,sexist or have shared their views that are harmful
  • It makes and assists the population to put a stop to certain views being shared that and makes it clear to others that sometimes if your opinion will harm someone then to maybe filter what is said.

Why it might not be fair:

  • People loose everything in their lives from 1 mistake
  • The reasons for someone being cancelled aren't always true or are twisted versions
  • Rumours
  • The people most often cancelled are the well-known ones so celebrities etc.

People's opinions and views change over the years as they mature, develop and have a bit more knowledge. Which isn't always a positive because for example if an 18 year old had made some form of comment that probably shouldn't be said and can be taken the wrong way, that comment may not be forgotten for a long time. So once their mindset changes, grows and they realise why what they said was wrong; the person will slowly but surely regret that. So from one small mistake while your young and naive your whole world can be twisted upide down even 10 years into the future. So really cancel culture has it's ups and downs.

Why should people be ostrisized and put down for a single mistake that has been apologized for and dealt with? It causes nothing but pressure to them for doing something that can happen with anyone else. It's funny really because what difference is there from a teenage girl that is around 19 years old saying the wrong thing whilst she is out compared to a celebrity making a mistake on social media when they were 19. There is no difference! Only that one is well-known whereas the other isn't.

Do you think cancel culture is fair?

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