Final Piece: Cancel Culture: Protect or Prosecute?

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Cancel Culture: Protect or Prosecute?

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Introduction: What is Cancel Culture?

Cancel culture is when a person is literally deleted or ‘cancelled’ from society or the media. This is a type of form of ignoring yet this usually includes a larger proportion of the population and is found to be practiced most in the media and internet.

Why should you prosecute Cancel Culture?

Cancel Culture must be banned due to the sometimes unfair reasons as to why it is formed against a cancelled person. For example, a person may be speaking out to what they feel and they therefore get cancelled and actually removed from society.

A person could even potentially lose their reputation and jobs due to this and all the good things they may have done in the duration of their lifetime or in the past may be forgotten.

Another reason is because some people get cancelled proceeding the founding of a few silly remarks or behaviour from even decades ago.

One more topic which is definitely essential to cover is that Cancel Culture can sometimes defy Human Rights in a specific way. If a person is cancelled for speaking out for what they feel free to do and a majority are continuously ignoring them and not listening to them would be taking away their rights for speaking and making themselves heard. These are my counter-arguments about keeping Cancel Culture and explaining how they are biased and unjust towards modern society.

Why Cancel Culture should be protected

Reason 1: Cancel culture should still be used as a consequence of offending people’s opinions online or face to face. Cancel culture must remain in place since allowing people to say whatever they want is not right, because it could easily hurt a lot of people’s feelings. If talking about your opinion is restricted, this can save unnecessary arguments.

Reason 2: Moreover, Cancel Culture should be protected because it is a fair punishment and although some people believe that it is biased, they should be more considerate and careful when sharing their opinion. A huge amount of people have been saying lots of offensive words and sometimes they could change your lives so it is important for them to learn a lesson. This will occur if we keep Cancel Culture and not prosecute it.

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