Final Piece: Cancel Culture- defend or prosecute

Written by genius_twilight ( supportred by powerful_peach, Clever_forest, Pioneering_badge.)

Cancel Culture- defend or prosecute

Cancel culture is an upsetting and insulting way of punishing. Today, we are going to decide why we should keep cancelling ( see powerful_peach ) . Or , to abolish it ( see clever_forest and pioneering_badger )! Enjoy!

powerful_peach <defend>

Reason 1: It’s powerful_peach here and I believe that it is right that cancel culture should carry on. Trust me on this, cancel culture must be allowed to continue. Cancel Culture brings justice to us all; it shows the criticizers and disrespectful people what is right and gives them what they really deserve. Yes, you may think that is a little cruel but, think, would you like it if someone hurts you because you are a different gender, or different race? If someone did criticize you bluntly, do you stand there and cry? Do you let them get away with it? No, no, no. That should not be allowed: we must fight for what we believe for what is right! Cancel culture does just that.

Reason 2: Cancel culture gives the insolent people what they deserve for commenting on people, behind cameras or on world instagram, in an ill-mannered way. Cancel culture shows them to be more respectful.

Reason 3: Furthermore, Cancel Culture will enable you to spread your opinion on that person. Don’t you agree you deserve to have your opinion heard? Yes. Now, doesn’t cancel culture give your personal opinion on that person?

Reason 4: In conclusion, cancel culture SHOULD keep going. It will give criticizers what they deserve AND will spread your opinion throughout the world.

Clever_forest <prosecute>

Reason 1: It has been widely recognised that cancel culture should not carry on.This is unacceptable; we should stop cancel culture because it removes someone’s opinion and voice permanently. If they want to say sorry for what terrible, horrific things they have done , this isn’t possible because their voice is removed! We must stop cancel culture immediately!

Reason 2: Not only does it remove their voice , but they can lose their job too! Shall we let this happen? Shall we? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Would you like it if you were cancelled and you lost your job? They may lose their job they have always DREAMED OF. They may lose their job they have always LOVED.Now that they lost their job , they will have to find another job , a job that they may not like or enjoy.

Reason 3: Furthermore , cancel culture should NOT CARRY ON. Although it

Pioneering_badger - to prosecute

Reason 1: To use cancel culture is not acceptable: it is a negative form of removing a person’s voice. Not only does it remove people from the outside world, it removes people's “freedom of speech” and their equality to the others in their community. If you were to cancel somebody, It will affect that person who is being canceled massively and may lead to life changing issues.

Reason 2: Cancel culture has led to some well known celebrities being removed from the public eye. It must be abolished at once. During the last few years, cancelling has increased. It is most common across social media. Most people being cancelled are innocent and are not aware of their crime. However, some people are not affected by the canelling they have received and that should be the case for all people being cancelled.

My conclusion: I think my reasons sum up to why we should abolish cancel culture. We can change the way we treat our community! Thanks!

Genius Twilight - To defend

Reason one:

I think that we should continue to cancel culture. I believe this because if somebody has said something racist such as,” Black people should not live,” they should be punished. If somebody said that to you, you would go red with embarrassment and would probably call the police.

Reason two:

Also, if somebody is saying something wrong and wrong all the time and posting it all over Social media, they should be canceled and if not, then what would the person do? Keep on going to be rude?


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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    15 Jul 2021

    Lots of reasons given for either side and you've also used rhetorical questions to good effect. What are your own opinions on cancel culture, now you have studied lots of arguments for/against it?

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