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Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is something or someone who has said something offensive or made a point to a person. Cancel culture is a fair and good way to expel people so they can not speak. Over the past few years the population has seen an increase in Canceling people the media has seen celebrities such as J.K Rowling and Ellen DeGenere and many more.

We will be defending Cancel Culture as we believe that everyone has their say.

Cancel culture is a way of saying what you believe but sometimes people say things that aren't always fair or true but whether it is true or not it causes the media in an uproar. It also gives people the freedom of speech. On the other hand, you have to be careful of what you say because it can cause people to lose their jobs and businesses to go bankrupt.

Why is cancel culture so good?

The reason why we think that cancel culture is good is because otherwise there would racist, mean disrespectful people across the internet.

To many people, this process of publicly calling for accountability, and boycotting if nothing else seems to work, has become an important tool of social justice. A way of combating, through collective action, some of the huge power imbalances that often exist between public figures with far-reaching platforms and audiences, and the people and communities their words and actions may harm.

By Quirky_Glacier (ft Buzzing_dog and Digital_Forest)

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